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Reservationless Audio
Secure Dial-out

Follow the simple steps below to use Reservationless Chair Dial-out

*By default, dial-out access is disabled on new accounts. To enable dial-out on your conference room, please send a request including your chairperson code to

Step 1

As the chairperson, once you have dialed into your Reservationless conference call and entered your chairperson passcode, press #3 on your telephone keypad and follow the voice prompts to start dial-out from your conference call.

You will hear a prompt saying:

To confirm dial-out to a participant, press * 1

  • Press * 1 to confirm that you want to initiate a dial-out from your conference.

Step 2

Once you have entered * 1, you will be asked to enter your participant passcode to validate your request. Once you have validated your participant passcode, you will not need to complete this step again if further dial-outs are required throughout the duration of the same meeting.

You will hear a prompt saying:

Please enter the participant code followed by #

  • Enter the participant passcode for your conference followed by #

Step 3

If the passcode is authorized, you will hear a prompt saying:

Please enter the number including all appropriate local or international* dialing prefixes that you wish to call, followed by #

Enter the telephone number of the person you wish to invite to join your conference, followed by #.

  • To dial-out in the US to a local US number you would press: 1-(area code)-xxx-xxxx#
  • *Please note that system dial-outs are intended for dialing out to U.S. participants only, and will not work for dialing out to international participants. If you require an international dial-out, please press *0 to reach the Operator who will request the call’s participant code as well as the participant’s contact information.

Once the number has been entered successfully you will hear a prompt saying:

We are attempting to connect your call. If the person you are calling does not join the conference, either they did not accept the dial-out, there was no answer, or you cannot call that number. You will now be returned to the conference

You will now be returned to your conference.

Step 4

The Reservationless service will then call the participant and will play the following message to that participant:

You have been invited to join a conference call. To join the conference press * 1

  • The participant will enter * 1 to confirm that they wish to join the conference.

To join the conference the participant will follow the normal Reservationless conference entry process; if name recording is switched on for the Reservationless account the participant will hear a prompt saying:

Please record your name after the tone

The participant will join the meeting and will be announced accordingly.

That's it.

Additional charges are billed for each dial-out participant joining your conference. Charges are subject to your terms and conditions.

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